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Hound Help

Are you looking for:

  • Dealing with you dog's reactivity to anything or/and everything?

  • Have socially accepted pet wherever you go?

  • Stopping your dog from excessive barking?

  • Leash training your dog?

  • Ease your dog's separation anxiety?

  • Stop them from biting and nipping?

  • Training your puppy?

  • Work on food aggression or fussiness?

  • None of the above? Keep going!

Knowledge Before Action

The Key to happy and well trained dog

is building relationship based on trust.


Dogs emotional state is vital in any given moment,

especially during training sessions. 


Dogs are born with natural instinct to look for

Pack Leader = Trusted Decision Maker.

dog listening ottawa

Learn how to become a Master at training your own dog,

at comfort of your own home and beyond. 

What is Dog Listening?

Dog Listening is learning why dogs "misbehave", what drives their actions and how to effectively deal with it. 


Punish your dog by

Scolding or yelling

Distract / Intimidate

Use Gadgets / Tools


Always use food

  Lead with confidence

Give positive rewards

Stay consistent

Give it a time

Understand and be compassionate

Develop trust!

Become your dog Best Friend and show them you can be trusted. 

No dog training classes, gadgets or training aids needed.


How do I know if this is the right fit for me and my dog?

  • You care about really understanding and connecting with your dog to help it relax and trust you.

  • You know you have to change the way you respond to your dog.

  • You have to trust the process, and not ot look for "quick fix"

  • You're prepared to change your habits and practice new approach consistently with calm demeanour.

  • You want to become your own dog trainer; to use positive reinforcement instead of relying on classes, gadgets, fear or intimidation.

Will I see progress right away during the in-home session?

Most likely, as it it all depends of your dogs personality, how severe the behaviour is,  and your willingness to cooperate and accept new way of being with your dog. Dog's are smart! They're always testing you to see if you're the Pack Leader, so after the session it's important you stay consistent and build the new habits I teach you.

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