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Hound Help

  • Jump at visitors?

  • Bark excessively?

  • Pull hard on leash?

  • Ignore you when called?

  • Destroy your belongings?

  • Nip or bite when playing?

  • Have separation anxiety?

  • Bark at other dogs while on leash?

Does Your Dog:

The Solution

Dogs are Pack Animals.

They're born with a natural instinct to have a Pack Leader.

dog listening ottawa

Learn how to listen and respond as the Pack Leader and

undesirable behaviours go away naturally.

What is Dog Listening?

Dog Listening teaches you to respond to your dog's behaviour in a way it understands. 



Force obedience

Distract / Intimidate

Use Gadgets / Tools


Own your dog


Encourage natural following

Give positive rewards

Communicate in dog's language of love

Understand and be compassionate

Develop friendship!

Become the Pack Leader your dog has been waiting for.

No dog training classes, gadgets or training aids needed.

No force or intimidation is used when correcting your dog.


Have you ever worked with a dog that you couldn't help?

No, because dogs are always ready to respond to their pack leader. Dogs aren't stubborn, but sometimes people are! If you are willing and ready to change the way you respond to your dog consistently, it will follow your lead.

How do I know if this is the right fit for me and my dog?

  • You care about really understanding and connecting with your dog to help it relax and trust you.

  • You know you have to change the way you respond to your dog, not force your dog to change for you.

  • You're prepared to change your habits and practice being the Pack Leader consistently.

  • You want to become your own dog trainer; to use positive reinforcement instead of relying on classes, gadgets, fear or intimidation.

Will I see progress right away during the in-home session?

Yes, only 1 private in-home 3-hour session is needed to start seeing progress. Dog's are smart! They're always testing you to see if you're the Pack Leader, so after the session it's important you stay consistent and build the new habits I teach you.

How much does the private training session cost and what does it include?

For informations in regards to costs please send a message and we will be happy to answer all of your questions

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Dog Listener, Leader

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